Securing Your Social Media Accounts


Entrepreneurs, startups & established brands are at the forefront of losing their social media accounts to hackers due to their net worth. In layman definition, they’re liable to lose their account to .. to .. see, to thieves.

On social media, you can describe the net worth of a brand/company as the number of followers, engagement rate, popularity amidst other available metrics.

These metrics vary from one brand to the other due to their marketing spend. Yet, hackers do not leave out brands with small followers and low engagement rate from their to-do list i.e. it’s only a matter of time before your page is in demand by the “original owners” haha 😆

Below are vital steps you can take to ensure top security on your social media accounts.

  • Strong password: Have you ever tried creating a password and got the response “password is too weak?” Yes? Awesome. You’re a step closer to creating a stronger and safe password. Your password should contain mixed characters I.e Alphabets, Numbers & Special characters. It should also be longer than 8 characters in total. Click here to read tips on creating stronger passwords
  • Privacy policy: For a brand, limiting access to social media account to fewer people is essential for top security. The social media manager (if there’s any), agency, and head of social media department should be granted access.
  • Two Factor Authentication: This is an inbuilt security option across different social media platforms. It protects your account from unauthorized access by requiring a second authorization method. The three options 2FA available are; Text Message, Authentication App and Security Key.
  • Additional password protection: Turning on this feature secures your account to a top-level. Any unauthorized individual seeking to change your password will need to confirm your email address or phone number to complete unauthorized takeover.

Congratulations, you can now secure your social media account. We should get talking about how to increase sales, right? Go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter today.