Passwords: Creating The Best Password For Your Social Media Accounts

As an internet newbie in 2015, I must confess it was a hard battle trying to secure my different social media accounts from hackers. Oh, I actually lost my first Twitter account to a lack of security, most likely a weak and predictable password.

I was one of those who created their first Gmail account and had the address as and password as “Omopem1234” — Funny, isn’t it? I honestly hope you aren’t laughing at me.

This experience and sudden flashback led me to write this piece. You must not fall prey and have a weak password securing your valuable social accounts.

See below valuable insights than can help you:

  • Length of the password: This doesn’t mean you have the best password but truth is, a lengthy password can’t be easily guessed. I advise you to form a password with 8 or more characters
  • Mixed characters: This is a vital clue when creating passwords. Keep third parties guessing by having alphanumeric and special characters in your password. A great example is Axis1dataplug$@
  • Mixed Caps Lock & Lower Case password: A password containing a mixture of caps lock and lower case character leaves hackers and unauthorized third parties guessing. Example is mYoNeAnDoNLy19$

Hey, did you notice how the 3rd insight satisfies the 1st and 2nd? 😉

Anyway, if you feel lazy creating a password that meets the above requirements, below are trusted websites that can be used to generate STRONG passwords.

  1. Password Generator
  2. Lastpass
  3. Random

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